Dear Parents,

On Friday 8th December 2017 we received an Ofsted monitoring visit. The purpose of a monitoring visit is to judge whether a school has made enough progress against the objectives set by the previous Ofsted report. There are only two possible judgments to be made on such a visit:


‘The school is taking effective action’




‘The school is not taking effective action’


I am happy to report that Ofsted have confirmed that senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection.


I hope that you will read the entire report which is on our website Ofsted link (it is three pages long), but for us, the highlights are as follows:


  • ‘The summer 2017 national test results demonstrated the clear improvement during the last academic year. In these tests pupils’ attainment was above average for reading, writing and mathematics combined. Pupils attained especially well in mathematics’
  • ‘Pupils’ progress from the end of Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2 was above average in reading and writing and well above average in mathematics’
  • ‘Impressively the progress of disadvantaged pupils was above that for all pupils nationally’
  • ‘There has been considerable training to raise the quality of teaching’
  • ‘There is a remarkable level of consistency in teaching quality’
  • An effective programme of lesson observations and use of a wide range of evidence to monitor the quality of teaching’
  • ‘Teaching and learning is much stronger than at the time of the inspection and that inadequate teaching and learning has been eliminated’
  • ‘Pupils stated that teaching is better than it used to be and that they are helped to improve their work’
  • ‘It is obvious that teachers are skilful in checking pupils’ knowledge and understanding and in helping them to improve their work’
  • ‘Around the school and in lessons pupils get on well together’
  • ‘In lessons, very productive working relationships are evident’
  • ‘There is very strong evidence of positive improvement in pupils’ attitude to learning’
  • ‘It was apparent that teachers have high expectations of pupils’ abilities , presentation of their work and their behaviour’
  • ‘An effective leadership team’
  • ‘The skills of the leaders complement one another well’
  • ‘The local governing body has relevant expertise and challenges the school very well’
  • ‘Survey of parents’ views shows that they are very positive about all aspects of the school’
  • ‘Working well to instil a love of reading’
  • ‘Share best practice and some leadership resources with other schools in the MAT’
  • ‘There is clear evidence of rapid improvement through passionate and determined leadership’.


I hope you agree that the report gives a strong message about the progress the school has made in the last year.  2018 is going to be a fantastic year for us at Holt Farm Junior School and we are really looking forward to it!

If you have any questions about the report, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your ongoing support for the school.


Best Wishes,


Mrs Wass


Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                

Ofsted Inspection 1st and 2nd November 2016


I am delighted to attach this Ofsted Inspection Report that confirms Holt Farm Junior School has been lifted out of ‘Special Measures’ (4) and into ‘Requires Improvement’ (3).


I now look forward to continuing our journey onwards and upwards; there is much to achieve and I am confident that, along with the support of the SEEAT, the Governing Body, my dedicated team of staff, parents and carers, and of course our fantastic children, there will be more success to celebrate in the future.


Particularly pleasing, strengths confirmed by Ofsted include, ‘Pupils’ attendance is consistently at the national average or above. Pupils enjoy going to school and parents confirm that their children are happy at school’ and, ‘The quality of teaching is improving’


Ofsted also acknowledge the personal development and welfare of our children.  They confirm, ‘The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good’, ‘Pupils learn in a variety of ways about being responsible citizens’, and ‘Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe. They know who to talk to if they are worried about anything and have confidence that adults will keep them safe in school’


Inspectors spoke with pupils about what they enjoy about school.  One parent said, ‘My children are very happy to go to school every morning and they like their teachers very much’


I am currently drawing up an action plan to meet the areas identified for improvement and will update you regularly (through the Newsletter) on progress in these areas.


I am proud to be a Head of School, who will work tirelessly to ensure that ‘Every Child Achieves’. My personal goal, from today, is to achieve and an even better judgement in the future; I can assure you that Holt Farm Junior School will be taking huge strides ahead in the future and your children will be working in a happy, safe and positive environment that encourages them to aim for the stars!


Best Wishes,

Mrs L. Wass

Head of School

Parent View

If you could spare a moment then please log in to PARENT VIEW on the Ofsted website and let them know how we are doing! The address is You will be prompted to register and will then be given your unique login details. This would be a wonderful way for you to show your support for our school.

You can download our Ofsted reports here:  

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