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November 2017

Dear Parents / Carers, 

Thank you very much for completing the recent parent feedback questionnaire. We appreciate your views on how our school can improve even further as well as celebrating what we are doing well. We are overwhelmed by the recent responses. Key areas of success are:

 100% Strongly agreed/ agreed that teachers expect the child to work hard and achieve their best

 100% Strongly agreed/ agreed that they feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions of a problem 

 99% strongly agreed/ agreed that the school is well led and managed 

 99% strongly agreed/ agreed that the teaching is good and staff treat the children fairly

My child is not bullied or harassed at school 84% of you felt your child was not bullied or harassed at school. 13% of you did not agree with this statement.3% of you did not know. 

‘Bullying is deliberately hurtful, repeated often over a period of time and difficult for victims to defend themselves against.’

What we are doing? We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to bullying and are very proud of how well our ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system works. Any issues of potential bullying are dealt with swiftly and, where appropriate, families of all children involved are encouraged to take part in resolving the issue to ensure we have a long-term solution rather than a ‘quick fix’. Our Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy are available to download on our website.

This term we have embraced ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ and this year’s slogan- ‘All Different, All Equal’. Opportunity was given for children to consider the importance of embracing difference within dedicated whole school assemblies and during PSHE lessons. Our School Council have also shared ideas about how we can support children who are feeling vulnerable. As a result, each class will have a ‘Worry Box’ where children can place messages for their teacher if they are reluctant to speak to them. They have also designed a ‘Hot Tips’ poster to display in every classroom reinforcing the key messages that were shared during our dedicated week. The School Council will continue to focus on this area during class assemblies and report their findings and ideas to the leadership team.

We continue to work closely with our families and encourage them to inform us if they have any concerns about their child. All concerns are passed by the class teachers to the leadership team so that support can be put into place and the situation monitored.

This issue remains high on our agenda. We continue to improve provision at lunchtimes through clubs, resources, PALS (young play leaders) and visible, adult support. A named adult will regularly support and monitor children who are vulnerable and feedback successes and actions with parents/carers. 

We have created a new ‘Anti– Bullying link’ within the parents tab on the website with further information. Our full analysis from the recent parent perception can be found within the link below. 

Some examples of comments from our November 2017 questionnaire:

'I would like to say that I am extremely impressed with the HFJS.  The leadership from Mrs Wass is really very good and the teaching itself has pushed and challenged my son.  There is a well-established culture of high expections which keep my sometimes easily distracted boy, on track' 

'Happy with the school overall.  Keep up the good work'. 

'The new Head does an excellent job - very visible presence., very clear expectations that at kept high - ambitious for the school - just what school needs'. 

'We feel it is very good that the school's aim is excellence and we feel our son is progressing well'.

'I am very pleased with the support of Mrs Wass and her team are giving my son and myself'.


Mrs Wass,
21 Nov 2017, 06:06