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Year 4 Computing

This half term we have been looking at online safety using new resources from CEOP. Play Like Share is a brand new three-episode animated series which aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online.The series follows the adventures of Sam, Ellie and Alfie as they form a band and enter their school’s Battle of the Bands contest, taking on the mean but ‘cool’ Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help them in pursuit of their goal, they need to use it wisely and safely. The films and sessions aim to give children the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to:
  • Identify signs of manipulative, pressurising or threatening behaviour online.
  • Respond safely if they think someone is trying to manipulate, pressure or threaten them.
  • Understand their rights online, and respect those of others.
  • Take measures to control their privacy and digital footprint.
  • Get help from an appropriate source if they need it.

In addition to online safety we have been designing, writing and debugging a program that uses a turtle draw the square alphabet. We have considered the benefits of saving each letters instructions as a procedure.