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Year 5 Computing

This term we have been looking at the use of dataloggers in everyday life. Did you know that an everyday example of a data logging device is the black box recorder on airplanes.  Another example is a weather system recorder used by meteorologists to discern temperature and pressure necessary in determining and predicting upcoming weather conditions. Loggers are also used in everyday life in plain sight of ordinary people, where they would never suspect.  Ever use your Club Card in the supermarket? Your buying habits are being recorded by a data logging device. Other ideas are hydrographic recording (such as water level, water depth, water flow, water pH, water conductivity), soil moisture level recording, gas pressure recording, offshore buoys for recording a variety of environmental conditions, road traffic counting, measure temperatures (humidity, etc.) of perishables during shipments, wildlife research, measure vibration and handling shock (drop height) environment of distribution packaging, vehicle testing (including crash testing), motor racing, monitoring of relay status in railway signalling, record trend data at regular intervals in veterinary vital signs monitoring. In year 5 we have devised our own experiment related to the school environment.