From the visit on 9/12/16 the puils produced the following quotes:

"We have heroes what have stopped wars, got girls in school and many other stuff"

"Gandhi broke way between Britain and India"

"I learnt was radicalisation meant"

"People used their voice and got rewards"

"I learnt that google reads what you search"

"I will probably say that I believe and I will do everything to help"

"Help other countries"

"Use voice instead of violence"

"Make a difference and stop war"

"Never fight, don't be a bad person"

"I learnt how to make the world a better place"

"Make sure that everyone is equal"

"I want to stand up in front of the world and talk them out of what they are doing"

SMSC is embedded into every curriculum theme with opportunities for pupils to share ideas, think critically and begin to develop informed opinion. Pupils are able to talk about their thoughts, feelings and actions in response to events or a moment of poor choice. Circle Times provide further opportunities for SMSC and Personal, Social and Emotional development.

The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme provides us with all the resources needed to deliver a comprehensive PSHE curriculum

Key themes include:

  • Myself and My Relationships
  • Healthy and Safer Lifestyles
  • Financial Capability
  • Citizenship
We have a House system which all children are part of. The House system provides opportunity to work together for a shared goal and compete as part of a team. Celebrations and rewards are given as part of teams in addition to individual awards for pupils.

A School Council consists of 2 pupils to represent the views and ideas from each class in a democratic way. The School Council meets regularly and pupils are able to participate in school improvement, encouraging them to be engaged members of the community with rights and responsibilities. The UNICEF Rights of the Child are recognised and celebrated in our school.