Online Safety

CEOP: Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating online? Are you worried this is happening to someone you know? CEOP is here to help, you can make a report to one of CEOP’s child protection advisors who will try to help you safely and securely.

Internet Matters:: Internet Matters is the main portal in the UK with a huge amount of information for parents and carers to help keep children and young people safe online. On this site you will find advice according to age, advice to help with settings on the devices your children use and much more.

Common Sense Media: There are so many games and apps available it can be difficult for parents to keep up. If your child is asking you about a particular game or app, or if you become aware of them using something without your knowledge and you would like to know more, Common Sense Media will be able to help with reviews and advice.

IWF: Protecting children is at the heart of everything we do. For over 25 years, since the early days of the internet, our job has been to help child victims of sexual abuse by hunting down and removing any online record of the abuse.

Has you household got a family agreemen? To make clear what is allowed...or not, how much time you can spend on devices, and ground rules like no phones at the table or in the bedroom at night-time. Shared expectations will reduce arguments and keep everyone safe & healthy. Follow this link for more information.

Ditto the brilliant online safety magazine is available here. Thank you to for this fabulous resource.


Do you know what your children are doing online?


Some really useful tips on sharing videos and photographs online. Thanks to Alan Mackenzie for allowing us to share.

Empathy and Criticism Online. Thanks to Alan Mackenzie for allowing us to share.