School Catering

Our menu has been chosen to ensure that we provide a balanced nutritious meal daily. All of ingredients are cooked freshly on the premises each day. We adhere to the Schools Food Standards which govern what can be served to children in terms of food groups (protein, dairy, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables) and portion size. We have spent a great deal of time ensuring that the children enjoy their dining experience and we hold various themed meals, competitions, prizes and outdoor activities in the summer months to generate the children's interest in healthy eating! The feedback we have from our parents is overwhelmingly positive when we invite them in to have lunch with their child).

"Absolutely lovely experience...the staff were so attentive and lovely and the food was delicious.." "excellent standard" "food was of a really good quality and very nicely cooked's really nice to think that the good food is being served to children when they have school dinners""well organised and food fresh!"

Dinner Menus

We have spent a great deal of time preparing for this to ensure that your children enjoy their dining experience and also to make sure that we are able to serve the required number of dinners in the allotted time, which is generally 30 minutes. We would be very grateful for your support for this initiative by -

1) Reading the newsletters that are sent home by letter, email and posted on the website.

2) Talk to your child about the menu and make sure they know what they are having for lunch.

3) Make your choice of main, vegetarian or jacket by 9am – this choice cannot be made at lunchtime as the cook needs to know numbers by that time.

4) Prepare your child to use their knife and fork by letting them cut up their own meals.

5) All children will be served with a hot school lunch unless they register with a lunchbox at 9am.

6) Complete the medical conditions form specifying all medical conditions or allergies.

7) Speak to the office if you have any concerns and we will put you in contact with the school nursing team.

We really want the children to get the most from lunchtime and have a fun, social time with their friends! We are always looking at ways of improving school meals and thank you in advance for reading this information!