We take great pride in our children wearing the school colours. The wearing of school uniform is expected and parents are urged to provide it. Children benefit greatly from a sense of pride in their school and their personal appearance and this is enhanced by a neat uniform. Please have all articles of clothing clearly marked with your child’s name. This makes the identification of lost property quite straight forward. If it does not have a name on, the property will go straight to our lost property box in the main office.

Girls: Winter: Black or charcoal grey tailored skirt or trousers. HFJS maroon jumper or cardigan. White blouse or shirt. School tie. Black or white socks. Summer: Pink and white striped or gingham dresses, black or charcoal grey shorts. No fleeces except for outdoor wear.

Boys: Black or charcoal grey trousers or shorts. HFJS maroon jumper or sweat top. White shirt. School tie. Black or white socks. No fleeces except for outdoor wear.

P.E. Kit: Our PE kit expectations are a white T shirt, trainers, black, grey or maroon coloured tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings and a maroon jumper. This can be the HFJS jumper, HFJS hoodie or a plain maroon jumper.

Shoes: Black shoes with low heels - not boots or trainers as these are not appropriate for school wear. Girls are not permitted to wear high heels due to Health and Safety.

Jewellery: Watches may be worn but are solely the responsibility of the child. All other jewellery such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons. Children who have pierced ears may only wear studs and these should be removed for swimming and P.E. lessons.

Hair: Shaved heads and Mohican/aggressive hairstyles are not allowed. Dyed hair of any kind is not allowed. No nail varnish or false nails are allowed. No large hair accessories. Hair accessories must be school colours.

HFJS's Pre loved uniform sale ( 50p per item) - Please speak to a member of our office staff.

Uniform Price List - March 2021

HFJS school uniform can be purchased at Danielle’s, Unit 5B Claydons Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7UP, Tel: 01268 967542. Alternatively, we sell pre- owned uniform from school office.