Eco Team

Our Eco Team - 2021-2022

Meeting minutes

Our Eco team meet at least every other week to discuss ways we would like to improve our schools impact on the environment. Below, you can see what we have been discussing at each of our meetings, which are recorded by a member of our enthusiastic team.

27.01.22 - Eco minutes.docx


02.02.22 - Eco minutes.docx




Our action plan

We have walked around our school to look for what we are doing well and what we would like to improve. Here is what we found out!

Action plan - December 2021


In our Eco Team meeting, we have been speaking about COP26 and what we can do at Holt Farm Junior school to have a positive impact.

We have spoken about school life and what you could do to help restore, replace or recycle, and how we can rethink our approach at school.

You can see what we have spoken about here!

COP26 - School Promise to the Planet

Pictures of our progress

Litter picking at lunchtimes

Light monitoring

WOW travel scheme