To Create Confident and Competent Mathematicians.

Intent: To create confident and competent Mathematicians.

At Holt Farm Junior School, we understand that Maths is a universal language used throughout the world that gives children the essential knowledge and skills needed to flourish in the world around them. We want to develop children’s personal skills through Maths, so they can apply these skills in any activity or subject. Through Maths, we want to develop resilient and independent learners who enjoy being challenged and are not afraid to take risks with their learning. Our desire is for the children to feel a sense of awe and wonder and to have an inquisitive mind in order to make connections with the world around them. We want children to show a love for learning and a determination for self-improvement. Children will develop essential team skills, where they will learn to share an opinion, justify it and then reflect on their peer’s responses before drawing their own conclusions. Through this intent we can create life-long learners and help children achieve their ambitions whilst having a positive impact in the world.

Implementation: Implementation: We use a Maths Mastery approach to deliver Maths across the school and we adapt the White Rose scheme of learning to support this. When teaching Maths, the whole class moves through topics at broadly the same pace and each topic is studied in depth. We support children's understanding by using the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial and abstract) and this is evident in our school calculation policy. This inclusive approach, and its emphasis on promoting multiple methods of solving a problem, builds self-confidence and resilience in pupils. It also challenges children at different points through fluency, reasoning and problem solving, which link to the aims of the National Curriculum.

Children have five lessons of Maths each week, usually lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes. 15 minutes of this time is dedicated to teaching and practising key fluency skills. In Years 3 and 4, this time is spent practising times tables in preparation for the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. Years 5 and 6 spend this time ensuring children are secure with their times table facts as well as being confident in applying their mental arithmetic skills. The children will then have a one-hour session which will have a clear focus following the White Rose scheme of learning. Teachers are given the freedom and creativity to plan and deliver the lessons around the needs of their own class. They can use any resources that they feel will best support their children in meeting the objective for that lesson.

To further help develop fluency skills all children complete Maths Stages each month. These cover some of the key objectives from each year group and ensure children are constantly revisiting and applying the key skills needed to be a confident and competent Mathematician. We also carry out fortnightly arithmetic tests in order to support this. All staff follow the school calculation policy, which ensures a progression of skills across all year groups.

We use a range of assessment for learning techniques particularly questioning. This allows us to challenge and consolidate learning as well as identify areas of strength and development. As a result, we can then adapt learning to meet the needs of all children. We also believe that on the spot marking and feedback has the most impact when supporting children with their learning. We use peer and self-assessment regularly, so that the children have a chance to reflect on their own learning as well as being provided with the opportunity to discuss their ideas with others. We carry out termly summative assessments to support our judgements as well as to support children with their preparation for the KS2 SATs.

Impact: Our Maths curriculum ensures children are able to fluently recall key facts and procedures, which they can then apply in a range of different contexts. It gives them the essential skills needed to succeed in everyday life. Children leave Holt Farm Junior School as confident and competent Mathematicians with the foundations to succeed and thrive as part of the world around them.

KS2 Results 2019

87% achieving the expected standard in Maths 8% above National.

Our scheme of learning can be found here:

Online Resources

Every child has access to the following online Maths resources: TTRockstars, Maths Shed, Sumdog and MyMaths.

Please ask the Class Teacher if you require any log in details.

Multiplication Tables Check

All primary schools in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to Year 4 pupils.

The National Curriculum specifies that pupils should be taught to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12 × 12 by the end of Year 4.

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in Mathematics.

Please find the PowerPoint below from Third Space Learning with all the key information regarding the Multiplication Tables Check.