Intent, Implementation and Impact

‘Children will find an activity they love whilst striving for their personal best'


Holt Farm Junior School hopes to encourage all children to develop positive attitudes to PE and sport, improve health and well-being, cater for all abilities, allow every child to fulfil their potential, encourage lifelong participation, and provide competitive activities. We aim:

  • To engage all pupils in regular physical activity in line with the recommendations from Youth Sport Trust and government guidelines, striving for our children to be active for 30 minutes a day in addition to their two timetabled PE lessons

  • To increase participation in competitive sport

  • To provide opportunities for children to participate in a broad range of physical activities, providing variety and an introduction to as many sports and activities as possible

  • To develop the children’s fundamental movement skills, enabling lifelong participation in physical activity

  • To develop multi-ability skills through PE, enabling the children to use and develop cognitive, personal, social, creative and physical skills through physical activity.

  • To encourage all children to achieve their personal best.


Curriculum: Holt Farm Junior uses the Real PE approach to teaching PE, this focuses on the importance of developing sound fundamental movement skills alongside multi-ability skills such as personal and social skills enabling children to apply these skills to any game or activities. Real PE ensures fundamental movement skills are developed progressively and uses clear steps of progression at every level. Teachers use interactive resources to support their teaching.

Holt Farm has a curriculum map which sets out when Real PE units are covered and which sports are introduced. Sports are taught during their season so that they can directly link to clubs and competitive opportunities.

The language of ‘personal best’ is used so that all children can achieve in a lesson no matter what level of physical skills that they have.

Organisation: PE is taught through two lessons weekly lessons, one Real PE lesson with the class teachers and one sports specific lesson with a team of specialist coaches, during PPA. Real PE ensure fundamental movement skills are taught via non-traditional games and activities which enable all abilities to take part in lessons on a level playing field. Sports specific lessons with coaches use the Real PE approach and language and encourage children to apply the skills in a range of activities, including but not exclusively restricted to Dance, Gym, Tag Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, athletics, swimming, tennis, health & fitness.

School Sports Premium: The School sports premium is used to improve the provision of PE at Holt Farm in a number of ways, adding additional specialist coaching staff to support lessons, run practices and prepare for events, along with running lunchtime clubs and afterschool clubs, and CPD for staff.

Extra-curricular: Holt Farm Junior School provides a wide range of after school clubs and early morning sports clubs. They are open to all children and clubs are often oversubscribed. These provide opportunities for the children to participate in a range of activities and develop their skills further. Pupil Premium children may access one club every half term without any cost implications.

Competition: All children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport through our competition schedule . We run inter house competitions during PE lessons along with a ‘personal best challenge’ where everyone has the chance to beat their own scores as well as being competitive against others. As a school, we subscribe to the Castle Point and Rochford School Sport Partnership, which provides many additional opportunities for our children; we partake in numerous competitions, leagues and festivals against other schools via this partnership (known as level 2 competitions).

Pupil Voice: The school Sports Council assists in shaping PE and has helped plan inter house competitions such as Sports Day, dodgeball and events to raise money for charities.

Assessment: Teachers and coaching staff use their professional judgement to observe children over the period of a term. They use assessment strands, which include demonstrating fundamental movements in isolation and also applying to sports and physical activities, to make a judgement based within age-related expectations, above or below at the end of each half-term.

Intended Impact:

  • Pupils will enjoy being active and be keen to take part in lessons

  • The profile and expectations of PE and school sport will continue to be high

  • Teams will continue to perform well at Level 2 events

  • Pupils will be eager to represent the school at events and competition for team places will remain high.

  • Pupils fundamental movement skills will continue to improve with more confident and physically skilled pupils overall

  • After school clubs will remain popular and oversubscribed meaning children are keen to continue refining skills and have developed an enjoyment for being active.

  • Holt Farm Junior School will maintain the School Games Mark of Gold for its commitment to PE and school sport.

  • Holt Farm Junior School will continue to make good use of the School Sports Premium and use it to raise the profile and provision of PE.

Further details of the impact of the school sports premium and School Games Mark can be found on the school website.