Our Children swim at King Edmund School with instructors from Strokes swim school. Children will have a block of lessons as part of their PE in year 4 and year 6.

Swimming is being taught as part of the PE curriculum which means we aim to teach more than just the physical skills involved with swimming, like with all PE activities. In order for us to include swimming as part of our PE program we ask for a contribution towards the cost of hiring the pool and specialist coaches to run the sessions, without the support from the contribution the program will have limited success.

Through our school swimming, in KS2 we will:

Develop Fundamental movement skills – flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance and coordination. With regular practice of these skills we continually strive to improve our fitness. By improving our fundamental skills, we can apply these to any sport.

Perform skills in isolation and as part of sequences including some or all of the following depending on ability; Front crawl, Glides, Surface dives, Backstroke, Sculling Floating, Breast stroke, Treading water,Personal survival personal saftey, Reaching rescues, Throwing rescues.

Compare our performances with previous ones in order to achieve their personal bests. – By using their thinking skills children will be asked to think about their own technique and to recognise the things they can do to improve. Older children will be encouraged to take a coaching role and work with a partner to help others, good leaders. Everyone can improve whatever their swimming ability, perhaps by going faster, getting fitter and working harder, or by the consolidation a skill e.g the position of their head as they move through the water, or try kicking harder. We want the children to become aware of how to improve their own performances and skills.

Year 4 Swimming - 2021-2022

Swimming awards.